Friday, September 22, 2006

All About Chloe

Chloe informed me the other day that she was unhappy because she had been getting a rather small amount of coverage in the family blog. Yes, she is the smallest member of the family, and yes, she does the most sleeping of all of us, but just because she is small and quiet doesn't mean that she shouldn't get funny stories told about her! So tonight it's time for a Chloe update. [picture at left taken 9.15.06]

It's been interesting to see how Chloe has her own unique personality, different than Clara Anne. Of course we knew she would be different, though we couldn't quite imagine how, but even now at (barely) three months old, we can see how she is, in fact, her own person. For one thing, she seems like a more sensitive type. When John sneezes violently, or a door slams, or even if I am just chatting moderately loudly while trying to nurse her, she will startle and cry. But that sensitivity doesn't seem to apply where Clara Anne is concerned--Clara can do just about anything to Chloe and Chloe just seems to love it. Clara Anne enjoys patting Chloe's head, pointing out to me where Chloe's eyes are, (careful, Clara Anne!) sitting next to Chloe on the couch, basically just getting in Chloe's face. It's been sweet to see how Chloe responds with such interest to Clara Anne's attentions. They already have a sister bond!

Chloe also seems like an extraordinarily talkative baby. She most feels like chatting after she has nursed. She will look up at me and immediately begin to coo, smile and then use her high voice to squeal! I think she's a soprano; she's got some impressive high notes! It's really fun to have little conversations with her; she uses her whole face very expressively as if she is telling me a story--her little eyebrows go up and down, she rounds her mouth into "ohs" and "ahs" and she smiles and darts her tongue in and out. She's a social baby!

Chloe would like everyone to know that she is now officially sleeping through the night. About two weeks ago, she was regularly going about 6-7 hours, from 10pm until about 4 or 5, but then would wake up and cry. I would quickly go and give her the pacifier, and then she would fall back to sleep for another hour, two, or sometimes three. But the whole get-up-and-give-the-pacifier routine started to get pretty old for this mama, especially if I was giving her the pacifier numerous times in the same morning, and also I was concerned that I was just establishing a new routine for her. So last week we decided to let her cry it out--if she woke up at 4 or 5 the plan was to let her cry, trying to help her get herself back to sleep, with the goal being 6 am for her earliest feeding. Thankfully, it only took about three nights, (or early mornings) before Chloe "broke the barrier" and slept until 7 without any crying at all! She's had a really good week all this week with most nights going from about 10pm until 7am. Wow! I am a very thankful, happy and refreshed Mama.

Speaking of sleeping, Chloe's already down for the night (and Clara Anne has been for hours already), so I'd better get some rest too. Good night!

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