Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Week in Pictures

Here's a glimpse of our week! Yesterday we went out to a local market where there are hundreds of vendors selling their wares all inside a huge building. This place has every small item you could possibly need for your home! From contac paper to toys, from hammers to teapots, it's all there. I happened to see this stroller which I knew Clara Anne would just LOVE so we splurged the $5 and bought it. Clara Anne could hardly be bothered to eat supper last night, she just wanted to play with the new doll stroller. She also was too busy playing to pose for pictures, so here's an action shot.
And here's our mama Clara multitasking--feeding her doll while playing the piano and giving a silly smile to the camera.
Chloe had an abundant supply of smiles this week--I love to see those smiles!

John and Clara Anne spent some time drawing on her Magic-Erase Board and practicing the ABCs. Daddy and daughter time is always fun!

Open wide, Chloe! This is her first time tasting cereal, and she seemed to enjoy the face-to-face time just as much as the new food.

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Erica W said...

Rachel - you have been quite the blogger these last few days! I love it - lots of fun stories and great new pictures!!
I am so in awe that the girls are now sleeping in the same room! What an accomplishment! Our problem now is that Anna sleeps longer than Elizabeth at night. Hmm... I think we will probably put them in the same room when we go back to the States next September. But is that waiting TOO long? Hmm! Oh, and great news - Elizabeth has been complaining a little more than usual about her diaper being wet and dirty. Maybe we are moving in a forward direction towards potty training days! We shall see! You and Clara Anne sure made it sound easy!
Take care!