Monday, February 19, 2007

And We're Off!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the long silence on our end . . . I actually had a blog post written to post on the day that we left our home in Asia, but I was thwarted. Our landlord (unhelpfully) cut off our internet access a few days early, so we had to wait until we were on the road to get access. And then we just a little bit busy relaxing, so I have neglected my blog. But here are a few pictures to show you from the past weeks! The one above is the last morning in our house--everything was completely ready and packed away, we were just waiting for our ride to the airport. The girls were enjoying sitting on the kitchen table!
Our home looked a little desolate--all packed up with plastic over everything.
Then...on to another Asian country, where we got some great pool time, even Chloe!
Here we are doing some snorkeling near a remote tropical island. Just gorgeous!

And here we were on the beach! It was lovely!
I have more stories to tell...but my internet access is about to run out. Stay tuned until next time!

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