Friday, April 20, 2007

We're still alive!

Oh my! I must apologize for my long absence from my blog . . . we have been in the midst of a whirlwind! After Easter, we spent a week in Richmond, Virginia, meeting with others who normally live overseas and are now back in the States like us. The meetings were good and helpful, but the really great times were spent with others in our free time, connecting and hearing many stories from life around the world. It didn't hurt that I managed to make it to Starbucks with women friends three times in three days, either!

On Monday we drove here to Louisville, Kentucky and arrived in the evening of a warm, deliciously sunny day. How wonderful to be back here again! The red brick and ivy of the campus was a sight for sore eyes. Even Clara Anne seemed to sense that we were coming "back" somewhere and said as we drove on the campus and past our old apartment (of course she wasn't born then yet!) "Are we home, Mama?"

This week has been a flurry of activity--getting settled into our new apartment, speaking in classes and going to chapel, going back to our home club, getting together with friends old and new . . . it seems every moment has been full to the brim. But "full" in a very special, wonderful, heart-warming way--I am so thankful.

Tomorrow night we get to participate in a lovely event called "Parent's night out." All of you who are parents know what this means! It's hosted by the singles group of our local club and so it will be safe, fun, and in a familiar place--the nursery. And, it's perfect timing--John leaves on Saturday for a 10 day speaking engagement in Tennessee, so I am excited for our date! The girls are doing well adapting to yet another place, thankfully. Clara Anne is battling a cough but seems to still have plenty of appetite and energy.

Ok, it was bound to happen . . . our first "reverse culture shock" moment. We left the girls sleeping under the care of our friend Robert on Tuesday night to go to Super Wal-Mart and find some things for our house and (empty) pantry. We thought we knew where super walmart was, having gone there only about a thousand times when we lived here. Unfortunately, as it turned out, we weren't really sure, and took one road after another, driving around searching for it for more than 45 minutes!!! Argh! Finally we found it and went on a shopping marathon . . . I didn't realize how much stuff we needed to get set up here! It was about 12:30am before we started checking out, and after chatting extensively with probably the slowest checker in wal-mart history, we left the store at 1:15 am. This is after a 10 hour drive on Monday, an early morning and a super-full day on Tuesday. I was one tired mama. The worst part was that we had no phone and so no way to contact Robert and tell him we were running so late. I'm afraid we caused him some premature gray hairs! We took him out for supper on Wednesday to thank him!

Well, enough for tonight. I just wanted to check in and let you all know we are alive and well! I am way behind on posting pictures...maybe next time! Thanks for reading!


Wang Ping said...

Rachel, it is so nice to know you are all well and what are happening to you. You did have a busy life. Take care of yourself! And have enough rest!

Angela said...

I bet Becky B. will just about bust a move to know you guys are in the ville. Just the other night at our local service, she was talking about how she was craving an update from you guys since Easter. I agreed and laughed. We're all "so into" your lives. Don't stop sharing!! (It's better than Reality Television, har har). Little did we know then that you were actually in town. Soooooo good to lay eyes on you all and the babies!! Wow, after being a blog fan for so long (granted I was a real friend before then as well), I find myself reacting to you as if you are famous--"oh, there are the Winds, and there are those beautiful babies I've seen in all the pictures!!" It was such a blessing to see your girls in person. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Here's to some much needed rest for BOTH of you. Can't wait to see you in person again soon. Woo hoo!!! I'm pumped. . .the Wind's are in town.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I am so glad to hear that u made it to town fine. I cannot wait to talk to u and see u and the girls. I will be sure to talk to Angela and see when we can hook up. I love ur blog( in case u didnt know i see that Ang ratted me out via this venue!) Love, Becky B.