Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun with Numbers

Well, the travelers have returned home . . . back to Rock Valley, Iowa, that is. We made it back about 11 last night, after a whirlwind two weeks of fun and activity with family and old friends. I don't have the energy for a long, story-and-picture-filled post today (hopefully that will come in the next few days), but just for fun, here's a few numbers for you.

Thirty-eight: Number of different places we have slept overnight since leaving our home in Asia in February. Isn't that crazy?! That's thirty eight times of taking in the sleeping gear, thirty eight times of packing it up again in the morning! This doesn't count John's trips; that would bring it to about 43, we figured.

Eleven: the number of teeth Chloe has now! I was tickling her tummy the other day and discovered three new teeth in the back of her mouth! Surprise!

Three: The number of dirty diapers that Chloe managed to produce during one day out at the Minnesota State Fair! It must have been those cheese curds . . . or the ice cream . . . or the pronto pup . . . or the roasted turkey leg . . . or the pickle dog . . . or the roasted sweet corn . . . or the mini donuts . . . or maybe just the sheer volume of food we ate! Wowza!

Two: Both of of Clara Anne's knees got skinned when she was running and tripped on an unforgiving cement sidewalk. One looks pretty much healed and the other is still all scabbed over with nasty stuff. She has been proudly showing people her "boo-boos."

10,000 plus: the number of miles we have traveled in the car since arriving back in March. That's a lot of time in carseats for little tikes! They've been great little travelers, all things considered.

Three: The number of Sunbelt granola bars Clara Anne ate on the way to Minnesota (a five hour drive) at the beginning of our last road trip. What are we going to do in Asia without sunbelt granola bars?! They are superior to other brands because they are not too sticky/messy and don't fall apart immediately like some of the more chewy types.

Four: the number of Great Lakes we've seen in our travels this summer! John and I spent a night in Duluth last week and had dinner along Lake Superior, bringing our total to four. The only one we've missed is Lake Huron.

Sixteen: the number of days left (not counting today)until we get back on a plane and travel to Asia! We have lots to accomplish between now and then . . .

Nine: the number of months Clara Anne has to be on medication for treatment of "latent TB." The doctors decided that though she had no symptoms, she needs to take the medicine because of her positive PPD test. Two pills a day for nine months. This will be fun. Although, I guess it would be less fun to actually have TB. Oh well, it must be done!

???: the number of pieces of luggage we will need to take back with us. The verdict is still out on that one . . .

I'll stop there, though I could have a few more embarrassing additions like the number of pounds we've gained since being in the States, the number of times we've been to the Pizza Ranch, etc. I'd better quit while I'm ahead! But, stay tuned for more stories and pictures from our travels in the next few days!


Groovers said...

Oh my, my head is spinning! So many places you've been in such a short amount of time - and still have such a joy that only the Lord can give! Miss you all, blessings to you as you travel to Asia soon. Look forward to getting your updates. Lots of love :)

James and Christen said...

I LOVE Pizza Ranch too! Where is Rock city? We lived for 9 months in Union, Iowa between Eldora & Marshalltown.

Christen Taylor