Friday, February 08, 2008

A Feast of Vacation Photos!

Sorry for the long overdue update! Our vacation time was wonderful, and now we are in the midst of a week and a half of meetings. I have just a moment and thought I would put some photos up for your enjoyment!

First, here we are in the airport in Hong Kong, enroute to places further south. Can you believe there are now several Krispy Kreme donut shops around HK? And three in the airport itself? We didn't waste any time having a snack. Yum! (The girls were too busy eating to smile for the camera!

We ate our first Hong Kong supper at a favorite place, Nomad's. John and I ate many meals here during the month we spent waiting for Clara Anne to be born, and then we celebrated our anniversary here, taking along tiny Clara Anne, just three days after she was born! It's a special place for our family! The dinner was delicious, as usual.

Here are some pictures from our first of several trips to the beach. Clara Anne loved the ocean waves, jumped right in, and enjoyed letting them make her bob up and down.
Chloe was more content to play in the sand (including eating a significant amount). I had packed a picnic lunch and though her hands were sandier and sandier, she didn't seem to care that her hands were dirty. She kept dropping raisins in the sand, picking them up (along with lots of sand), and then eating them!

John and the girls had fun building a sand castle. Fun times!

This is the pool attached to the place we stayed. I think there were some days we barely got out of our swimsuits! Clara Anne especially really enjoyed the water this year, and with her floaties on, was pretty much independent.

Pool time fun!

More vacation photos to come! Stay tuned. . .


Groovers said...

fun times in the pool, a good meal, & Krispy Kreme - what more could you ask for? :) :) :) Hope to see more baby bump pictures as you get closer and closer!

Gretchen said...

Glad to have you back! Looks like a fun vacation. I would simply love a gorgeous pool right about now (and the warm weather to go with it!)

SingerMamaMelody said...

Hi! I was going to email this, but thought I'd just leave a blog comment...wondering how Chloe has done with the loss of her binky/pacifier! How long did she grieve?? I'm debating when and how to take them away from Kristiana. Hope you guys are doing really well! Love you!