Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

When I was a young girl, reading was an absolute favorite activity of mine. Play-acting, roller skating, music, and dolls all ranked up there with my regular trips to the library! In fact in our family lore I became notorious for checking out so many books that my brothers teased me, "you have to take a U-haul to the library!" But I didn't mind; many happy hours were spent reading to my stuffed animals, curled up in a corner reading a book myself, or snatching a few moments to read at my school desk after my seat work was done. It was with delight, then that I happened upon this scene recently:

I was busy doing something else and Chloe had set herself up with a bunch of books on our bed and was reading to her bear. (This is the favorite bear mentioned previously). Bear is listening intently, as you can see. Smiles when she realized her picture was being taken!

There are some classics there on the bed, gifts from some sweet friends in the States who gathered together lots of ladies to host an international book shower for us! What fun! Thanks so much, Dianna and groups! We are already reaping the benefits and look forward to many hours together of fun and educational reading. Even Bear appreciates the simple joys of the Big Green Pocketbook!


Katie A. said...

I could hardly believe that was Chloe! She looks so big. I am glad that she is enjoying all of her great books!

Katie A. (in Louisville)

Gretchen said...

SOoooo precious! I just love how cutie she is with the ponytails and the stacks of books. Keep that photo for her wedding reception slideshow. :)

The Culbertsons said...

Chloe looks adorable! We are so glad that the girls are enjoying the books - Happy Reading!