Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback--Pool Time!

The last day we were in Thailand, we spent some time at the pool on a lovely, sunny morning. We were almost the only ones there! I wanted to share these snapshots with you...we were still experimenting with our new camera at that point, and I haven't done any editing to them, but I thought it would still be fun to share these photos! Let the visions of sun on the water and warm temperatures help you float into the weekend...Christin loved the water and always tried to launch herself out of my arms and into the pool--I had to watch her really carefully! The other girls, however, knew exactly what to do at the pool... Clara Anne and Chloe take a break, while Christin looks on from the shaded comfort of her stroller.

Bathing beauties...
They loved playing with John in the water...that was, until John was diving down and jumping up out of the water to "scare" them, and came bursting out right under that bridge, solidly connecting his head with the unyielding nature of the stone. Yikes. We all took another rest at that point!
Happy times!


Liz said...

This makes me long for summer because, as of this morning, we have a snow-covered landscape. Love the pics of the girls lounging on the chairs! How cute!

Chris said...

What is it with John and head trauma anyway?