Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dear HK Disneyland

Dear Hong Kong Disneyland,
I always love to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, it's my favorite time of year. My favorite ride in Disneyland is the Small World. I really liked the fireworks that came out of the castle and the music too.

Thank you for letting me be in the parade this time, it was so much fun.

This was my very first time to be in the parade and ride in the special taxi.

I Love you Disneyland! Love, Clara Anne Wind
As we entered the park that morning, we were invited to be the Grand Marshal for the parade that afternoon. What a unique opportunity! We met the guest relations ladies at "City Hall" later in the afternoon, and they presented us with gifts (the Mickey/Minnie hats, embroidered with our names, some princess notepads and stickers for the girls) and gave us the huge Mickey hands to wave with. We walked to the front of the parade route and they ushered us into our special "taxi." What fun! I wondered how the girls would do, if they'd be shy, but when the time came they eagerly smiled and waved to everyone and were tickled that people waved back! Then at the end of the route, we were able to get off and enjoy the rest of the parade. It was a fun, special opportunity!
This was our favorite visit to Disneyland, mainly because it wasn't blazing hot like the other times we were here. The park was still beautifully decorated for the Lunar New Year holiday, but all of the HK students were back in school so the lines were short or nonexistent and we really enjoyed the day! I am still so impressed with the whole Disney experience--everything spotlessly clean, good quality food, fun and safe rides, and the "cast members" (i.e. people who work at the park) were always looking out for my kids and trying to make the day more fun for them. And it was a big day: we left our flat at 8:30 and returned at 9:30 that night! I'm so glad we persevered and went, even though it was during the night prior to our Disneyland day that Chloe and I got so sick. We took some airsickness bags along just in case, but thankfully no one had to use them!
The only bummer was that our camera's demise had happened the night before and so was very erratic during our time at the park; the few pictures you see were the only ones we got--we ended up just giving up on it. The pictures of us as Grand Marshals were taken by the guest relations ladies.
Clara Anne wrote that letter to Disneyland after we got home, so I hope you enjoyed reading about her day from her perspective! Chloe had this to add: "On the teacups I was a little scared, but not so scared, and I wanted to tell you the horses were lovely [she means the carousel]. And that's all. Goodbye."
Thanks for the memories, HK Disneyland!


Erica said...

What a fun special treat! Wow! I think I was especially impressed with all the free stuff you got! Stuff that I am guessing (like our family) you would never buy with your own money! :)
Such special memories!! I am ready for our next trip to Disney!!

Kevin and Becky said...

Dear Clara & Chloe,

Thank you for your nice letters and for coming to visit me. I'm sorry the tea cups were a little scary but I'm glad that you liked the horses and the princesses. They like you too.

Your friend,

Disney Land

sandra said...

Now THAT's a magical day at Disney!