Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just checking in

Life lately has been busy. I know, this is probably the story of everyone reading this blog too, so I know you understand. But it's been busy in a full, meaningful, joyful, special kind of way. It's been full of the precious daily joys of being with my girls. It's been meaningful as I've welcomed guests into my home, particularly my neighbors that still aren't part of the Family but we hope will be soon. It's been special as we continue to see evidence of faith and maturity in Clara Anne, and more and more, in Chloe. In many ways, I am aware that these are some of the most blessed days of my life. My girls are still at the stage that they ask lots of questions and listen intently to my answers. They want to be close to me (sometimes too close, like when they follow me into the bathroom or crowd me on the couch for reading time!). They show their love and affection easily, freely. How I love being their mommy!

Here's a few stories from recent life, just to catch you up a bit...

We've been totally interested in alligators and crocodiles at our house lately. It started through a read-aloud book, The Strawberry Girl, which was set in Florida and had an abundance of alligators. This led to a curious/fascinated/morbidly interested response from the girls regarding alligators. We did a little online research into the animals and then found some old episodes of The Crocodile Hunter which had been posted on youtube. I had never really watched Steve Irwin before but found him so engaging and interesting! He had an incredible knowledge of reptiles and other animals, too, and his enthusiasm is contagious. We've seen a few shows now and the girls are still so fascinated, especially Clara Anne. The fun thing about the Crocodile Hunter is that he is seeing animals in their natural habitat, in the wild. We've all enjoyed it!

Christin's new favorite words: "Actually" and "Probably." She uses them all the time, and in the correct context which is so funny to me! And today at lunch, after requesting repeated (small) helpings of the spicy chicken we were eating, she looked down at her bowl and said, "What?! I forgot to eat my broccoli!" All my girls love broccoli so she made sure to polish it off before lunch time was over.

So I've been trying to order a turkey from the import store in preparation for Thanksgiving next week. I've called them now several times and they have given me the classic answer "It shouldn't be a problem." Finally I had Lou (my helper) call again yesterday and ask very directly if they would have a turkey for us or not! (It has to be imported.) They assured her they would and we said we'd be there on the 23rd to pick it up then! Hope it works out!

Clara Anne has a loose tooth! She has not been too preoccupied with trying to dislodge it but it's been loose for a couple of weeks now. She is excited about this rite of passage. We will have to read One Morning in Maine again just to identify with Sal and her lost tooth.

Chloe has now, with very little help from me (but a lot of watching of what Clara Anne is doing), learned to write her name correctly and most of her other letters too. She wants to "do school" when Clara Anne and I are working so I involve her wherever I can. I am considering starting a workbox (or workfile) system--do any of you out there use this kind of organizational tool? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!

Another funny thing about girls play "princess" and "dress-up" and "ballet dancer" so frequently that sometimes when I give them a simple instruction like "Please clear your bowl from the table" Chloe will curtsey to me as she says "Yes Mommy." It's cute and endearing! There's so much femininity around our house, sometimes the girls just float from one place to another!

The happy news for me this week is that the Starbucks in town is now open! My dear, delightful, sweet husband stopped by there one day before they opened and happened to meet the manager who happened to invite him to a coffee tasting before the store opened! Since John doesn't drink coffee, of course I volunteered to take over that difficult job. :) I invited my friend Amy along for the fun as well. We had a great time at the tasting, getting to know some of the baristas and sipping some Christmas Blend. Ahhh, Starbucks! I'll have a whole post with pictures up this weekend!

John's been busy as usual this week but we've both been feeling good about our schedules and daily routines, including exercise. Except for Tuesday. We had a little stomach bug make its way through the family, starting with Christin on Saturday night, who threw up so much all over her bed, blankets, pillow, herself, etc...I had no idea her two year old stomach could hold that much! I was up with her half the night but then she seemed fine the next morning. Chloe didn't want to eat much on Sunday but never threw up, and then on Monday everyone felt fine. We were thankful for that since it was family day! But on Tuesday I began to feel a bit queasy and sick, and then Clara Anne was too, and finally John was too! Thankfully it just seemed to be a 24 hour thing; we're all better now and I'm glad to say goodbye to the shaky tummy.

A final story--tonight at the end of bedtime routine, Clara Anne said, "Shall I give you a back massage, Mommy?" Of course I readily agreed! And she did a great job, it was actually quite relaxing! Whether this was a ploy to stay up later or an honest and sweet desire to minister to her mommy, I'll take it! Thank you, sweetheart!

Well, I'm sorry that I let so many days go by between posts, but now I've checked in and you know what's been going on with us lately. How about you? Leave a comment and tell me how your week is going!


Anonymous said...

I use a workfile sort of thing with Noel because she LOVES to do "school". I use a binder with tab dividers. I put different activities in each tab and she really enjoys it. I also have a pencil pouch with colored pencils, scissors, and glue to use only for school. I wil try and find the exact link where I got this idea but it works for us. Blessings, Kristie

sandra said...

Can I even find words to express my happiness? Thank you for sharing that your girls follow you to the bathroom. MINE TOO!

Especially Sianna! Now that she's got mobility, she follows me everywhere I go. I don't understand why she's rather watch me make the bed or chop vegetables rather than play with toys?

She loves to follow me to the bathroom and knock on the door the entire time I'm out of sight.

Sarah said...

Yes it's hard to get a moment alone with little ones, but I feel blessed just like you. We are all good. Are your girls still attending local preschool? haven't heard you mention it in a while. We took Nathan and Emily out for the time being but are looking in to some other options to continue the study of the language! Blessings to you all!

Gretchen said...

Hip hip hooray for your Starbucks! :) Love the way you said there is so much femininity in your house that the girls "float" from one place to another. :) Preshy!

Anonymous said...

I know Kendra over at Preschoolers and Peace uses a workfile system with her kiddos. Sounds like a great idea to have something all ready for the little people when you need a just a few more minutes with something. I haven't actually done this but have thought about it seriously. Just haven't had a block of time to prepare something like that. It also seems like they always want to do more than what I have prepared. Life has been really busy since the arrival of Abigail Joy, not that it wasn't before :). I'll have to write and tell you about her arrival, whoowee! Anyway glad you are enjoying these precious day with your girlies. Soon they'll be "too grownup to play princess", and you'll wish they still did follow you everywhere -- really.
Rebecca VE

Courtney said...

girls are so fun! I'm so encouraged by your God-focused family perspective! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks everybody for your comments! Great to hear from you all. And, a special congratulations to you Rebecca on the birth of Abigail Joy! That is wonderful! I'd love to hear the birth story sometime. I hope you are adjusting well to having a little one around again; I'm sure your bigger ones are proving to be great helpers!

Great to hear from you all.