Friday, December 10, 2010

Practice, practice

Most days about 5pm finds us in this position. The girls have been very diligent about practicing ballet! Clara Anne has many of the exercises memorized and is slowly gaining flexibility. Her newest challenge is to stand with one leg straight against the wall and allow me to slowly lift her other leg until the toe touches the wall next to her head. (yikes!) That's the goal anyway, but so far she can't quite get there. Amazingly, most of the girls in her class can do it! Recently the teacher told us that soon he would separate out the girls that could do this movement from the girls that couldn't, so we should try really hard to have Clara Anne practice it each day. However, I was not willing to put that pressure on her! As far as I'm concerned, she can stay in the beginners class as long as she likes it and is having fun and learning. But, Clara Anne herself was super motivated! "Mommy, we can practice four times each day. After breakfast. . ." and on and on. So, we have! And, she's making progress! Wowza! She's really trying her best, which is great. Keep it up, girls!

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sandra said...

Go Clara Anne. WOW.