Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Habit Newly Formed

I mentioned in my last post that we've been getting up Clara Anne at 6:30 every morning now to help her also fall asleep more easily at night.  But that wasn't the only reason.

We are trying to help Clara Anne get into a good habit of spending the first time of the day with Jesus.  It was such fun to put together a "Quiet Time Basket" for her, holding her Bible, some paper, colored pencils and crayons, a small music-making book with kids' praise songs, her special mug for a warm morning cup of milk, and a cozy blanket.  You can see she is also holding a Reader's Bible. 

Isn't this just precious?  We truly want to help Clara Anne to establish a good morning habit with the Lord.  It's just better for her to not sleep so late, but get up and spend some time in worship.  And her reactions so far?  At first she was just thrilled.  She felt so special and grown-up and was so eager to do it.  But about a week into our new routine, when I asked her how her morning time had gone, she said, "Well Mommy, I'm not always sure what to read in the Bible, it's such a big book!  And, sometimes I get sleepy."  Welcome to common struggles in the Christian life, Clara Anne!  We've all felt that way sometimes!  The past two days I have let her listen to CD's that have readings from Scripture as well as kids songs, which she loves.  Most of all, I want to make this an enjoyable time for her, not a "must-do" item to check off a list.  We're praying that the Lord will use these times to touch her heart, teach her, and bless her.  May these be the first of thousands of times of personal worship throughout her whole life!

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Anonymous said...

So precious! What a wonderful discipline to develop in Clara Ann. Thanks for sharing this. Kristie