Saturday, August 20, 2011

So thankful

Lots and lots has happened since I last posted!  My blog has unfortunately fallen to the bottom of the "important-must get done" list, but tonight I thought I'd take five minutes and hit the highlights (if I have any readers left!)! 

Our crate did come from China finally on August 4.  It arrived without further incident and we had a great crew of people here to help us unload (including our next door neighbors who had just moved in themselves!).  All the stuff was off the truck in an hour and we were very glad to be reunited with our things again!  A few things were broken, some furniture was dinged up somewhat, but the vast majority arrived safely.  Thank you Lord!

We unpacked for two solid days, and by the end of that time things were livable in our main living space--beds set up, furniture in the right places, the kitchen functional, etc.  But at that point we had to put things on hold since John needed to prepare for his class, then only four days away.  He put in some long days and late nights to get ready, then participated in the three day class.  Now that's behind him, so we've had some more time to get unpacked this week.  Great progress has been made, thank you Lord!  I still have one major area to organize--my home school and craft materials--but the rest of the house is coming together nicely.  We actually had numerous guests this week, which was really enjoyable to host people in our new place!  But, soon we need to start our home school year and so I will be working hard this coming week to prepare, organize my materials, order a few final things, and get the girls excited and motivated about school since we've had a summer of craziness.

Transitions are always challenging, and this one has been particularly so.  I could give you quite a long list of the things that have been difficult, but that might sound like complaining and I truly don't want to complain.  It has been wonderful to see the Lord provide just what we've needed just at the right time.  Our apartment location could not be better, we are really loving the space and color and arrangement of our new place, we're close to school and church and lots of ministry opportunities, and it's truly been a blessing to be meeting people in the community.  This week we got the cupboards stocked a bit more and I feel like the kitchen is really working well for me and is enjoyable to keep up.  We still haven't had anything like a "normal routine" (well, you know, except that every day is different and most nights we get to bed too late!) but that is coming soon, I hope. 

So, tonight I choose to be thankful.  The Lord has been so gracious and good to us.  Here we are, three healthy precious girls under our roof, with a lovely place to live and even our furniture that made it from overseas.  We have friends and family that are dear to us.  We have a wonderful church community that we love.  It's been such a journey to get here, and we're not "there" yet, but I am so thankful for where we are tonight.  Thank you Lord!


sandra said...

I'm so thankful for this update! So glad to hear that your things arrived. I know the girls are happy to sleep in their own bed! Thinking of you all!

Kevin and Becky said...

you'll have a reader in me! no matter how long your blog hiatus lasts. miss you, friend.

Renessa Belohlavek said...

Rachel...thank you so much for sharing your life via the blog. You don't know me, but my sister (Merrily Wolters) sent your blog my way. We are currently serving in Central Asia and are new to the field. After being here for seven months we returned to the states for three months to welcome our third child into our family. We returned to this country three weeks ago. Your posts from the past few months have resonated so well with me as we have been going through a fair bit of transition! =) Thank you for directing my eyes upward.
Renessa (Rauch) Belohlavek