Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Home School Happiness

Two days of home school are behind us, and things are going quite well!  We are gradually getting back into a good routine and getting used to how to make life work for us here in the States.  The girls seem to really enjoy "doing school" and though we've only had two days, were already reminding me this morning what came next in the morning line-up.  We are going to love that space downstairs that we've got set aside for school; it's bright, comfortable, and spacious which is simply a gracious gift from the Lord.  We're thankful for it!

I'm so thankful to be finished unpacking; and Clara Anne is too!  Last Saturday she said to me, "Mommy, I'm so glad you're done unpacking, now we can spend more time together."  There was a little "ouch" in that statement when she said it, but she's right!  I'm so glad we've made it through the season of "girls, please play quietly in the other room and don't fight, Mommy needs to finish this!  And don't touch that stack of stuff!" and now can focus on doing school together.  Of course it helps to be in a bit of routine, even these two days have felt so refreshing!  And, it's been fun to enjoy some steamed milk (for the girls) and a homemade latte (for me) while we read aloud.  Wow, who knew school could be so fun?!

Pictures to come of my happy home schoolers! 


erica said...

SO glad you guys are feeling settled. I know how much better life flows when there is routine. Can't wait to see the pictures!!


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