Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Life, New Hope

We have some good news to share from our home tonight!  Yes, finally some good news!  I haven't taken much time to blog recently, as we've been preoccupied with life, home school, some wonderful church outreach events, and most notably my father's rapid decline with Alzheimer's disease.  In the last month he has just gone downhill so fast, we've all been surprised and shocked.  He is mostly staying in bed, is having trouble grooming himself, and has continued to lose weight, among other concerning problems. 

But, after persevering through yet another several rounds of communication with various doctors, my mother has asked their local doctor to refer my dad to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  And, miracle of miracles, they already have an appointment!  Apparently there is lots of paperwork involved and various circumstances can take place that would prevent this happening so quickly, but we are so very THANKFUL that this appointment is scheduled, and only a few weeks away, at that.  Dad's case is very unusual for Alzheimer's and so the doctors at Mayo will do a very thorough examination and try to put together the whole picture of what is happening with his health. 

Praise the Lord!  There may be a new gleam of hope for my Dad physically.  I am so thankful!

And, we have a story of new life to share with you as well.  Tonight, as the girls were getting ready for bed, I was upstairs when Chloe suddenly came running up the stairs, crying.  At first I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying, but then it came out.  "I am scared about my life," she said, "if I will go to heaven when I die."  John was right there with me and began to gently talk with her.  She admitted that lately at night she has been afraid that there will be a fire in our house (we did a fire drill recently--taught the girls what to do in case of a fire, since we live in a different house now) and she will die.  She felt anxious about whether or not she would go to heaven and had been thinking about it at nighttime recently.

John had noticed that lately during family devotions Chloe was really paying close attention, and so tonight he just simply and clearly explained the gospel to her again.  She was listening intently and was able to answer his questions as he probed gently to get an idea of her understanding.  After a long time of discussion, she prayed, John prayed for her, I prayed, and Clara Anne prayed for her too.  It was such a sweet, sweet time--the longing and prayers of many years for our precious Chloe Rachelle!

Isn't the Lord good to us?  Isn't He so gracious to show us again the beauty and simplicity of the gospel message, so simple that a five year old can understand it, be drawn to it, and become His follower through it?  Oh, how my heart is rejoicing in my good and gracious Lord and His plan for my dear Chloe!

But you don't have to take my word for it!  Look at these joyful faces afterwards!

(Christin's happy INside, really, she is!  :)

Thank you, Lord, for your amazing work in Chloe.  I pray that she would love you more each day, and that she would grow in wisdom and stature, in godliness and the fruit of the spirit.  I pray that she would walk with you all the days of her life, that she would trust and obey you no matter what she may face.  Thank you that you have worked in her by your grace alone, and that you will sustain and nurture her infant faith to maturity.  I pray that she will find her joy, her rest, her comfort, and her purpose in you alone.  Thank you Jesus!  Amen.


Anonymous said...

The LORD is indeed wonderful! We rejoice with you!
Rebecca VE

Brad and Carrie said...

Rach, that is awesome! We are also rejoicing with you guys!

Joe said...

Thank Lord for his Amazing Grace. we will keep praying for you guys. we miss you!

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Courtney said...

wow, this is SO exciting. our Sovereign God is so good, praise Him! :)