Sunday, December 18, 2011

Milk and Cookies's Christmas.  I should be packing.  Or washing dishes.  Or cleaning up the disaster-that-was-formerly-known-as-the-girls'-room.  Or finishing some holiday baking.  Or cleaning out the refrigerator.  (you get the idea).

But, I'm taking a moment to sit this afternoon and thought I'd seize the moment and post some pictures!

Yay for pictures!

This is a flashback to our fall music class, titled "Milk and Cookies" that I taught to my girls, my two nieces, and our friends' two girls.  We had a class of seven and the girls LOVED having Music Time each Friday morning.  I enjoyed it too!  (Though they may have enjoyed seeing their friends as much as the music!)

We used some Kindermusik curriculum and instruments that my mom passed on to me.  Such fun!  Here's a glimpse:

 Dancing to some music--the girls loved to dance around the big table!

 Doing some fun activities with jingle bells.  "Bells are ringing, listen to them ringing..."

 "I'm a little Teapot" was part of this particular week's line-up of activities!

 There was always a story time--here we are reading "Zin, zin, zin, a Violin!"  Fun!

We finished our last day by having some lunch together--corn chowder in bread bowls, and of course some milk and cookies! 

I'm so thankful that we could have such a fun experience with music this fall!  The girls (all coming from musical family) already did so well the the basics like keeping a steady beat, matching pitch, and things like that.  My only challenge was keeping them on task--it was so fun to be together with friends that sometimes they forgot they were also in class!  But the overall time together was very good.  We enjoyed it!


Kevin and Becky said...

I'll be honest...I think I spent more effort looking past the girls & your activities to figure out all the details of your house. There's your family Christmas collage from a few years ago! There's the school room table masquerading as a dining room table! Can't wait to be in your home in a few months. And I'm glad that your girls are learning music. So very fun.

Music Masti said...

Oh Wonderful group and nice activities . looking good and lovely sharing