Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I Exercise, I . . .

You'd think by now I'd be convinced of the benefits of exercise.  Hmmm, then why is it still so hard to incorporate into my life?!  Well, home schooling three daughters, taking care of a baby, cooking, cleaning, running a home business, teaching a few music lessons, and tutoring for Classical Conversations all seem to take some time too!  Anyway, this is not a pity party, it is just life and reality and we all have many demands on our time. But I was realizing again recently (as I just re-started an exercise program) that when I am consistent with exercise I do enjoy many benefits and I thought I'd list them here, both for my encouragement and for yours!

1.  When I exercise, I have more energy.  It's just true.  It seems like I would be more tired, but as long as I don't overdo the exercise, I do have more energy.

2.  I drink more water.  This is a good thing!  I need more water and less coffee in my life!

3.  My silly back with it's old injury feels better when I exercise.

4.  When I exercise, there's no mental guilt "Oh, I should exercise."  I already did it.  Done!

5.  Exercise uses my muscles and gets my heart pumping in ways that help my body.  Though I feel very busy  most days, I don't use my body in the same way that I do when I exercise.

6.  Faithful exercise on my part sets a good example for my kiddos.

7.  Most of the time when I start exercising, I think, "I don't have time for this."  Then I just do it anyway.  20 minutes (yes, still doing that ridiculous 30 day shred) and I'm always glad I did it, no regrets.  Plus, I can easily waste 20 minutes on facebook on any given day.

8.  My clothes fit better.  Yeah!

9.  Exercise helps my posture.  I am always trying to improve my posture!

10.  Exercise helps keep the snacking at bay.  Why would I work hard to exercise and then ruin it with some  silly snack?

What is a benefit you enjoy when you are exercising regularly?  Leave a comment and help me be even more inspired!


Hema Mulani said...

Benefits of exercise are enormous. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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