Thursday, March 15, 2007

English Explosion

Now that we're back in America, hearing English all the time, Clara Anne has had a language explosion. She has started to speak more and more in complete sentences, as well as incorporating lots of short phrases and colloquialisms into her speech. Here's a recent sampling:

"See that, Mama? I scratched it. It itched. See this one? I scratched it." spoken in reference to several mosquito bites received on our vacation that are still lingering

"Mama, wash my hands please." after washing. . . "That's better."

"Go punish Doll. Too crabby and fussed and whined. Naughty Doll."

"I'm all done. Tummy full. Get down, please."

"Play toys little bit more." in reference to being told she needed to get ready for bed

"OH, MY, MOMMY! THANK YOU!" when she saw the new Dora panties we bought for her

My favorite moment from today was when Clara Anne had been reading some books with Grandpa, and blanket was right near by. It was almost naptime, and instead of wanting to get into bed, she just spread her blanket over Grandpa's chest, settled herself on his lap, and snuggled in. I was sorry to have to disturb her!

Chloe got a new toy yesterday--a small activity table that she can stand next to and play with the items on the top. I found it for $5 at a kid's consignment store! She is having a great time with it and played/stood for quite awhile today. I hope it tired her out since last night she woke up numerous times and cried. I think she still is truly confused about day and night. Since we've been back, I've had to wake her almost every time from her daytime naps but she wakes herself up numerous times at night. I realized how spoiled I've been with her usual pattern of sleeping through the night! But we hope those days will come again as soon as she figures things out a little more. Today I kept her up more and didn't let her sleep as long, so we'll hope that tonight is better. I didn't anticipate that it would take so long for her to adjust!

Ok, I know I promised pictures last time but I have not yet uploaded them to my laptop, sorry! John is busy working on the laptop (I'm on my parent's PC) so it will have to be next time. Sorry about that!

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