Monday, March 19, 2007

Um, really?

Clara Anne and I have been having a good time looking out the windows at Grandpa and Grandma's house. They have a lovely breakfast nook facing east with lots of windows, and there are numerous tall windows in the living room so that you feel like you are sitting outside, almost. There are some neighborhood cats that wander through occasionally, and lots of birds (including a beautiful blue jay that likes to eat the cat food my dad sets out) and a few squirrels too. So we're always on the watch for what we might see out the windows.

Yesterday morning at breakfast Clara Anne suddenly pointed and said "MAMA! I see a penguin!" Not wanting to stifle her creativity, I merely said, "where, Clara Anne?" "RIGHT THERE!" she exclaimed in a super-excited voice. She pointed out the window and I said, "Clara Anne, I don't see it. Where did you say it was?" "Right there, Mommy! Penguin! Right there!"

Ok, Clara Anne. If you say so. What's next? Elephants in the back yard? :)

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