Friday, January 11, 2008

New Pictures!

Today we were able to pick up the professional photos that I had done in honor of Clara Anne's third birthday! I used the opportunity to have some taken of Chloe as well, and of the two girls together. They turned out nicely, I think! It was our best photo session so far. This time, I was not afraid to tell the studio people when I didn't like something, or ask them to change a background or remove a (chintzy) prop, so that was a great improvement over my previous experiences at this place. I also had shamelessly bribed Clara Anne with a trip to KFC afterwards if she was a good girl and smiled for her photos. She was therefore quite cooperative and we were able to finish the picture-taking in under an hour!

I love this first one--she looks like a little classical musician with her velvet hat and the violin they gave her to hold!

A sweet smile from a sweet girl.
In her special Christmas dress, a gift from Grandpa and Grandma Roelofs. (She was fascinated with all of the fake gifts underneath this tree and kept trying to open them! Oops!)

Sister sweetness!I love the expressions on both of their faces in this one.
This was taken early on, when Chloe didn't know if she liked the idea of having her picture taken in this strange place with lots of people looking at her! (Being foreigners, we seem to attract a crowd wherever we go, and this was no exception--there was a family waiting to have their pictures taken and it seemed like they had nothing better to do than stare at us!) But I loved how Clara Anne was trying to comfort Chloe--she seems to have a compassionate heart (sometimes!).

Christmas girls! I have a few of Chloe alone, but they'll have to wait for another time--blogger is working slowly and I need to get to bed! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Gretchen said...

I certainly did enjoy the pictures! They are just beautiful! My favorite is probably the one of the 2 of them, with Clara Anne more distantly in the background.

Any chance you'll be seeing these on a bus stop? :)

erica w said...

Oh Rachel - the girls look beautiful! I love these pictures! I can't believe how big they have gotten!
I am getting excited for our 3rd birthday celebration!


Sandra said...

All of our photos in studios have turned out very well because I guide the event. I generally show up with examples printed off the internet. I did this for the 100 day & it worked SO well. I did it again for the 6 month shots. But for the 9 month shots, we were so comfortable with our relationship with the photographer that I let him just go for it because he knew our style. The equipment in the studios is excellent (I have a photo background) but it's the background and random toys that have to be discussed. I'm so glad that you had a good experience and got some great shots of the girls.