Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today my parents are celebrating 41 years of marriage! Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

I have much to be thankful for when I look at my parent's marriage. When I think of their relationship, I think "stability." Their marriage has seen the births of three children and the death of one, my brother Dan at the age of 33. They have weathered many health crises together--mostly my mom dealing with diabetes, a heart condition, and lupus, but also my dad's heart attack last year. They have adjusted as both of them have experienced a change in jobs. They have seen a lot together in 41 years. But I am so thankful for how they have remained faithful to the Lord during all of the ups and downs and LIFE that happens over 41 years!

I am also especially thankful for my parent's unqualified support of my life and endeavors. I always felt their support as I pursued music in my earlier life--even if it was operatic singing and not the piano playing where my mom shows such excellence! They came to many performances, from recitals to concerts to operas on the professional stage. Then, as John and I began to shift our focus to farther shores, they showed their support bravely though they knew we were taking their potential grandchildren with us! Now they have remained a wonderful support and even as the grandchildren have arrived, one by one, my parents have never seemed bitter or resentful that they are far away. They simply enjoy the opportunities that they have to connect with my girls--whether it be by living at their house for several months last year or getting together to chat online now. As you can imagine, this is a wonderful blessing for me and our whole family.

So Mom and Dad, I hope you have many more years together. I am thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in giving you these years! Have a wonderful anniversary and enjoy reflecting on some of the highlights! We love you and are always praying for you!

Love from your daughter,

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