Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When Daddy's Away . . .

The girls will play! John has been gone so much lately, working on things at our new house, and we've also had numerous days where our house helper was at that house, helping to make the remodeling process go smoother, so the girls and I have been on our own for lunch. I know, I know, I'm really spoiled to have my helper make lunch for us every day. She is such a help to us and a blessing to our whole family!

But anyway, when she was gone, and John had other events as well, the girls and I decided to have some fun. One day we had popcorn and a movie for lunch (a rare treat!), and one day we had this lovely picnic, as you can see. The menu included peanut butter and honey sandwiches, raisins, potato chips (we can get an only-slightly-funky version of Lay's here) and as a special treat, red Kool-Aid for our beverage! It was a fun time and the girls enjoyed it thoroughly. They are still talking about it now, days later. Fun times!
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Gustavo said...

Rachel! It is your old friend Heidi, (Not to be confused, Gustavo is my boyfriends blog id)
Anyway, looks like I might get a chance to meet your girls in person -- will be in china in less than a month! Just sent you an email -- hope you have time for a visit! Drop me a line :-)

Love you,


Sandra said...

I love a picnic in the living room! I know it's hard to be without help, but I'm so thankful she has been able to go to the apartment and keep things moving forward!