Monday, February 16, 2009

Healthy Again!

I am thankful to report that it seems that everybody at our house is healthy again! Every year when we travel around this time it seems like we pick up some various bugs and take them home with us. This year, the day before we were supposed to leave, we spent our last evening playing in the pool with our good friends Karl and Chris. (Well, truth be told, Chris spent the evening playing with my girls in the pool while I rushed Christin back to our room with an explosive diaper!) When they all came back to our hotel room, I told Chloe to go to the bathroom in preparation for bed and she promptly threw up all over the bathroom floor. Oh my!

Unfortunately this sad scene was repeated several times throughout the night (on the bed, so I stripped the sheet and doubled over the other one, then she threw up on that so I had to improvise again!) and so the next morning, as we were about to travel, I packed a few plastic grocery bags in my handbag just in case. Meanwhile, Christin's explosive diapers continued so I was going through the baby wipes like there was no tomorrow! Thankfully we were able to reach our next destination where we needed to stay overnight enroute, and Christin took a four hour nap which helped her a lot. However, she was running a high fever which continued on and off for the next days, and last week, our first week at home, she was an absolute crank. She whined for me constantly, wasn't happy if I wasn't holding her, fussed so much she ended up taking extra naps, and just generally seemed miserable.

Clara Anne also faced her own challenges after arriving home. She went to her preschool class two days last week, and picked something up there. She woke up at night crying about a crocodile and was running a high fever. I started her on a motrin/tylenol cycle and after several of her own throwing up episodes and a few days, finally she was feeling better again.

However, thankfully, this week has seen some significant improvements! My happy Christin is back again . . . willing to play by herself, doesn't flip out if mommy leaves the room, is eating well and sleeping well again. Clara Anne is back to her normal sweet self, making up her stories and entertaining herself with her imagination. Chloe has lots of energy and is always amusing me with the funny things she says.

So I'm one happy mama! We had a fun family day out to the lake in the center of our city yesterday--despite the cold temperatures we had fun taking a boat out onto the water and later buying a balloon for the girls to take home. Then, my hubby surprised me last night with a date out; some friends offered to watch our kids so we could go out for Valentine's day. We had a really fun time bowling a game and eating kao rou--grilled meat on skewers. What a nice end to the weekend!

PTL for better health--it's always easy to take for granted, but when kids (or mommies and daddies) are sick, it's just no fun. We're happy to be healthy again!


Anonymous said...

Im soo glad you're all healthy again! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

We had the same thing coming home. Nathan picked something up from his classes and was throwing up and all and then Emily had the same thing as we travelled! Not so fun, but makes you oh so thankful for good health!! Blessings to you all! Glad everyone is feeling better!

sandra said...

Oh my. In our family, it was Hubs! He spent the entire final night vomiting. Frankly, it was bad in both ways. Then, he had to lug our 6 suitcases and six carry ons to the bus. Thankfully, friends helped and we were able to get everything home without much stress, but then He had to carry 6 50lb. suitcases up to the 5th floor with nothing more in his stomach than Sprite and some rice. Oh my. There was some bug going around!