Sunday, November 08, 2009

We love friday's.

We love TGI Friday's. I have to admit, in the States Friday's would be pretty low on my "where-I-would-go-out-to-eat-if-I-could" list. The Pizza Ranch (hometown favorite, great pizza and broasted chicken), Qdoba (love their burritos and queso and chips), Chili's (it's all good here, and some molten chocolate cake wouldn't hurt either!), Culver's (frozen custard and butterburgers, anyone?), and of course Starbucks (though that doesn't really count as food, wait...maybe it does!) are much higher on the preferred chain restaurant list.

But, in Asia, Friday's is (almost) like home. The menu is the same, the prices are decent, the service is good, and even the decor makes it feel like you're suddenly stepping back into America. This is probably a phenomena you don't understand until you've lived overseas. Suddenly the familiar can be a wonderful thing. We try to hit Friday's every time we get to the capital city, and enjoy a little Americana. Several times now we have been seated at this round table for five in the corner, with Rocky Balboa breathing down our necks. See? The girls love Friday's too. Why? 1. Balloons. 2. Crayons and a coloring sheet! 3. Chicken Fingers with mandarin oranges on the side!
Christin was having fun.
Chloe gave us her best smile. Say "Macaroni and Cheese!"

Clara Anne being silly.

Christin caught the silly bug, and I caught it on camera!

Working hard. This was after the meal, by the way. No getting up and going for us! There's still lots left to color!

I think Daddy caught the silly bug too! Striking a contemplative pose. . . he must be thinking, hmm, is life really all about the weekend, the premise of TGI Friday's? . . . I don't think so! It was fun for lunchtime, though. See you next time, Friday's!

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sandra said...

We'll have to give this place a try. We've never eaten here. I think it's because we can't seem to pull ourselves away from Peter's.