Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adopted for Life

Today, some great friends of ours are meeting their new adopted daughter for the first time. In less than 2 hours, they will hold her in their arms...this daughter that they have loved, longed for, and waited for for more than two years. It's been a long journey for them, and my heart is just thrilling at the way that the Lord brought all things together for them to receive this precious baby girl.

These friends also happen to have a wonderful blog, where they shared their adoption story, life in an Asian country, recipes, lots of great photos, and other fun stuff. Look them up!

I borrowed the title for this blog from a fairly new book by Russell Moore. I have not read it, but have friends who have, and it is a wonderful resource if you are thinking of adoption or simply concerned about the orphan crisis in the world. I'd also recommend to you Noel Piper's blog,, as she and her husband, Dr. John Piper have adopted and she shares some of her story there. In recent days she has also provided many links to excellent resources concerning the Haitian orphan situation.

Musing about adoption has also inspired in me a fresh thankfulness for the way that I myself have been adopted into God's family. . . for life. What a wonderful picture of His fatherly love, affection, and care. Praise Him for His abundant grace!


Brad and Carrie said...

Almost done reading that book, and yes, it's worth recommending.

sandra said...

Sending a HUG. Thanks for reaching out to me and following this season in our journey.

It hasn't been easy, but it has been amazing.