Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's tour the School Room!

Are you ready for a tour of the school room? (It'll be quick, I promise, the room is only about 10x15!) Let's go have a look!

The view from the door . . . The school table. Notice the lack of anything creative, interesting, or beautiful on the walls. I'm not really homeschooling yet! But I envision it filled with fun charts, maps, the alphabet, etc. Also notice the terrible use of space on the table top. A project for the future is to decide what I need, buy some organizer/sorter things that can stack, and use the space going up. Right now, I'm just happy to have a printer and plenty of open space for the girls to play, do crafts, etc.

A different angle . . .
Here I'm standing at the door and looking straight in. I love all the natural light! The cozy blue/white chair really is the heart of the room, in fact I'm sitting in it at this moment! It's my quiet time chair, my read aloud chair, Clara's rest time chair, and even occasionally the girls all pile in there to watch a movie, set up on the ottoman. Thanks Ikea for cozy happy furniture!

The bookshelf, with its doors open, invitingly beckoning us to come and read...come and read...
And here's my view from the chair with the bookshelf doors closed. Neat and tidy, just the way I like it!

Baskets of board books and pillows on the windowseat complete the cozy corner. So, my school room is still in process, but I'm thankful for its welcoming warmth! I think it will be fun to teach and learn in this space.
Hope you enjoyed the tour! Sit in a cozy chair and read some books with your kids today!


erica said...

How lovely! You really did a great job!
It is very inviting!! I can't wait to talk to you more one of these days about the adventure that awaits us!!!

Kevin and Becky said...

It's truly the blue chair that makes it. And who do we have to thank for that? :)

Rachel said...

Ha! Becky, I meant to say in the body of the post that it was you, the lovely Mrs. Peek, that convinced me a white and blue chair would work in a room with green walls. Thank you, thank you!

sandra said...

Thank you so much for the tour! I'm totally inspired! And I love how you're using that cozy chair as a spot for Clara Anne to get some quiet time - or a much needed nap!