Sunday, April 25, 2010

Faces and Places, part 1

I'm starting a new series today to give you all a glimpse of the fun times and beautiful places we've traveled to in the US! It may take me awhile to post all the pics, but here's a start anyway!

[Location check: at this moment we're in Louisville, KY, and will be here until Tuesday morning. This is our eighth stop in our whirlwind tour!] Can you guess where the above picture was taken? :)
Love this one of Clara Anne and Grandpa!
Looking at Grandma's beautiful, artistic memory albums!

Yum. Yogurt is still a favorite, not as convenient as Asian yogurt with the straw, but still yummy!

Reading time with Grandpa.

The picture below is taken at our all time favorite: The Pizza Ranch!!!

Sweet Christin, almost two years old! [She is wearing her new "jammy dress"--all of the girls have new ones that I bought from our favorite consignment store on clearance for just $1!! Yes, they were running a special on clothes that had been in the store for awhile--10 items for $10! I could hardly believe it. Gymboree velvet dresses for $1!!!]

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at faces and places...stay tuned for more coming soon!


Kristie said...

Hey Rachel,
Glad you are loving your time in the US. We love the Ranch too! Is the first picture from on the airplane?

sandra said...

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I LOVED seeing the girls!

Yeah for 2nd hand clothes! Isn't it amazing what kind of quality items you can find in 2nd hand shops?

Gretchen said...

Christen, what was the title of that book you told me I needed to read? something about "Hold you" right?

Rachel said...

yes, on the airplane! So glad Christin did LOTS of sleeping like that on the way here!

Sandra, we have been amazed at good quality stuff for sale second hand. Yeah for Kid's Corner!

And Gretchen, that book is "He will Carry You" by Angie Smith. Look it up!

Everybody--I forgot to mention that the rest of these first pictures were all at Grandpa and Grandma's house! (But maybe you guessed it anyway!)

Gretchen said...

Hey, Rach, just wanted to tell you that Josh tried the spicy spread you gave me yesterday on a sandwich and thought it was great! And I tried your quiet time drink tea one morning early while I read my Bible. Thanks, friend. It was super good to see you. :)

BTW -- I found that book. Cried just reading the back. I might need to be in the right frame of mind to actually read the inside.