Monday, April 05, 2010

A quick word

Because a bit of news is better than no news, right?

We're doing great, just a little short on sleep. We are currently in Louisville, KY, driving here on Friday after being with John's brother Andy and his wife Laurel in Iowa for a few days. What a fun visit that was! We enjoyed some absolutely gorgeous weather together, playing at parks and eating out on the deck of their brand-new house. We made dumplings together, ate excellent Mexican food, and just generally had a great time. They are now living in a new development on the edge of Iowa farmland and it was such a blessing to me to look out of their big windows to that beautiful view! Lovely.

So far, we're two for two on motion sickness...each travel day we've had a little girl throw up, bummer! We got smart now and have a change of clothes packed for each girl right in the car (not in the luggage) and they each have a bag "for motion discomfort" (haha) right in the pocket in front of them.

Our two days in Louisville have been a wonderful, beautiful whirlwind of seeing old friends, being at our home church, meeting new folks, celebrating Christ's resurrection, and soaking up the gorgeous weather. We simply cannot get enough of blue skies, daffodils, tulips, green grass, dogwood, and great Christian fellowship. The blessings and beauty are almost too much to take in!

Tomorrow morning we're leaving early for Richmond, VA. We need to be there by 4:30 and I anticipate that it will be a beautiful drive. Let's pray for no motion sickness! But our leaving time is quite early, so I've got to get some sleep tonight. The last several nights have been VERY late as we've been catching up with our friends--so edifying and encouraging that we were reluctant to have the conversations end, but eventually one does have to go to bed!

Happy Resurrection Day to all! Though I don't have time to catch up on all the photos today, hope you enjoyed the picture of our family on Easter day! Blessings!


Groovers said...

awe, have a great time in Louisville! hope you're enjoying time at Clifton! we can't wait to see you here in SC next weekend, how exciting! hope the motion sickness for the girls improves!

sandra said...

Hope you had an uneventful drive to Virginia. Wishing you guys lots of rest and thinking of you as you make decisions about homeschooling. hugs!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, Rachel! So wonderful to see you after two years! wish you a safe and wonderful trip to Virginia. (robert)

Kevin and Becky said...

Look at you with your cute Mei Guo hair cut! Are those dresses from Bertha's Bargain Basement? Sarah said it kind of freaked her out when she met you because you knew exactly what kinds of questions to ask her. Kind of like meeting a perfect stranger who knows details about your life. Weird. Could the girls tell that Chris wasn't Kevin? Why is this comment so long...?

Gretchen said...

SO sad we missed you!!! Will you be back in Louisville at all during your visit? I would love to see you all and the girls, of course!

His daughter, His child said...

John and Rachel- you have such a beautiful family. I am so happy for you! :-)