Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christin Quotables

Location check: we're back in lovely northwest Iowa again! After about 6800 miles, many many hours in the car, two oil changes, NO breakdowns (praise the Lord!), lots of pictures taken, many necks hugged, we are back at my parents' home and have already done the bulk of our unpacking and re-packing.

I'm struck again by the Lord's faithfulness in carrying us through so many miles, so many stops, and so many changes and transitions! We have been guided and protected each bit of the way, and that is a significant grace. We've had lots of great car time to talk, the girls have done relatively well with all of the transitions, and for the most part everyone has stayed healthy.

These next few weeks hold quite a bit of activity, but there's no denying that we're relieved to be back at my parent's and able to unload the car again! The packing and unpacking and repacking and searching for items that couldn't be located easily was probably the most trying part of our travels. I think I'd be happy to never pack a suitcase again! :)

But enough about that! I'll be trying to "catch up" in the next few days/weeks to let you see some more pictures and reflections from our journeys. For tonight, though, here's a few quotes from Christin to provide a little amusement. She's talking tons now!

"Mama, sister fight!" She spoke this to me just moments ago, complaining that her sisters were not letting her get her way.

"Okay, pray. [mumble mumble] daddy, mama, sister, xie xie (thank you in Asianese), [mumble mumble] A-MEN!" It really is cute to hear!

"NO! No stink." in response to asking her if she had a dirty diaper. In reality she just didn't want to stop playing long enough to get her diaper changed!

"Mama, sit! Sit!" while patting the seat next to her and asking me to join her.

"Sister, come! Play!" This works in almost any situation!

And perhaps my favorite:

Christin, can you sing and dance?

"Hah....ah...yah...yah..." all in a very high voice as she twirls around and "sings" her heart out!

We love you Christin! And now you're two! I'll post pictures from her birthday party on April 28 when I get there chronologically (just can't bring myself to post pictures out of order!). So, if I have any readers left out there after my sporadic posting of late, look for some new installments soon!

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