Friday, May 07, 2010

Faces and Places, part 2

Here's another look at some faces and places as we continue our journey across America! Below: my SIL Laurel and I enjoying some Starbucks! Location check: Waterloo, IA on a very warm and sunny week before Easter! Oh yes, there was swinging! Cousin Julian gave it his all!
The faces of this next one you can guess, but the location?? It's true, we let the girls sleep in the closet. They were snug as a bug in a rug in their sleeping bags and we were glad to close the door and turn out the light to let them get a good night of sleep.

You can tell it was a real hardship for them!

[Full disclosure: actually they didn't last the whole night in here. They were a bit close together and Christin woke up several times not really sure where she was, so ended up sleeping next to John and I a few nights. Oh well, it was a good try anyway! The other girls did fine.]

Faces include John's brother Andy and his lovely wife Laurel, and the location is rather special: the deck of their new house! They are proud first-time home owners and are enjoying their great house in a beautiful location. We had a great time visiting them in Waterloo!
Until next time. . .

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