Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 3, 2010

Clara Anne's special day, July 3, 2010, was a day we've been praying for and preparing for her whole life! That day she professed publicly her faith in Jesus by being baptized. We are so thankful for the faith that we see in Clara Anne! It is truly God's miraculous gift; softening her heart, helping her to see her need for Jesus clearly, causing her to embrace His sacrifice on her behalf, and giving her the desire to trust Jesus and love Him always with her whole life.

In specific preparation for this event, John had been working with Clara Anne for several weeks to talk through the gospel, make sure she understood, and that her desire to be baptized was a true and sincere one. Actually it has been quite some time since we felt like we saw a specific change in her, but it was good to wait until now. But the time had come and we're so glad we could celebrate this event with our faith community (other Americans who live in our city) around us.

There were two other families who had children that were ready for this special event, so it was a triple joy to see all three of them (including Clara Anne's dear friend Emma) celebrate this together. You can see why my heart was full to bursting!

Family picture, July 3, 2010.

Clara Anne and Emma, dear friends! SO meaningful for them to do this together! I am so grateful that it worked out this way!

John asked Clara Anne a series of questions to help her share her testimony. She answered seriously and sincerely, and oh! What a touching thing for a mother's heart to hear the Words of Life come out of her mouth! All by His grace. . . thank you, Jesus!

Daddy had a few more questions to ask her while she was in the water, she had screwed her eyes tightly shut in preparation for being under the water!

Amen! Praise the Lord!

There may have been a few tears (not by her, however) at this point, but can you blame me? Oh how our hearts are rejoicing!

I made a special cake for the occasion (after my recent success with Chloe's birthday cake, I wasn't so intimidated, and thought it would be fun!) and each of the three were so excited to get their names on a piece of cake. We ordered pizza for supper, and my helper had made a HUGE fruit salad, and then all 25 of us enjoyed a meal together! What a celebration! After the meal we had a very special send-off prayer for our friends who are headed back to America, this was the last time to see some of them. Such a mix of emotions were swirling, I was glad that we were committing them into the Lord's hands and HIS good plans! The sovereignty of God and His will is a very comforting doctrine in times like this.
Thank you, Lord, for the miracle you've done in Clara Anne. Work in her heart all the days of her life. Keep her close to you. Thank you that her salvation is all of grace, for that means it is secure and safe. You promise that none will snatch your sheep out of your hand; would you keep Clara Anne's heart in that precious place of sweet communion with you. Grow her into a mature and godly woman who desires to know and serve you more than anything else. Sustain her with your love and give her a deep and abiding faith. As she grows up and becomes more independent from us, her parents, may she learn deeper and deeper dependence on you. Protect her from harm, I pray, take away the allure of sin in her heart, guard, guide and protect her forever. May she glorify her name with all that is in her! In Jesus name, Amen.


erica said...

What a beautiful post and such amazing news! I am so thrilled for you all and especially Clara Anne! How great is our God that He can change hearts and how great are His truths that even the young can understand and grasp their need for a Savior!
Big hugs sweet friend!!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful testimony of your daughter's conversion and walk in obedience and of your mother's heart. What a precious gift the Lord has given you in seeing your daughter come to Him. I send this with prayers for her to grow in grace and character that glorifies our Lord.

sandra said...

What a precious moment! Thank you for sharing it with us.

The Culbertsons said...

I have tears in my eyes Rachel! We are so thrilled for Clara Anne and for you and John! May the Lord continue to do a great work in Clara Anne's heart and use her mightly for the kingdom. What a precious gift to have her whole life in front of her to love the Lord and grow in grace - what a blessing!