Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Wednesday List

1. It's hot today. Like, 98 and sunny hot. I rode my bike to take Clara Anne to ballet lessons and sweated for a good two and a half hours--25 minutes there, an hour and a half of class, and 25 minutes home. Yikes.

2. The hot weather is greatly alleviated by the lemon granita in my freezer. Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

3. We're almost done with the Secret Garden in our morning read-aloud time. The girls are waiting for the exciting ending!

4. We have had friends from our home club in America here this week. They were all here for supper on Monday; we had so much fun! I feel so encouraged and blessed.

5. The girls have been occupied for several hours this afternoon coloring princess pictures from a new, HUGE Melissa and Doug pad. (gifts from our friends) Fun times!

6. Christin was sick over the weekend and still has a bad cough. She's speaking in a funny, raspy voice because she doesn't like to cough the gunk out!

7. My dear friend Rachel called me this morning. Let's all give three cheers for modern technology!

8. I am finding that home schooling is more dependant on me and my determination to do it than by Clara Anne's ability to understand. We've had lots of interruptions lately, I actually feel like I haven't had a "normal" week so far. But that's the flexibility of home schooling, we're trying to just enjoy the process!

9. There is a foot massage scheduled for tomorrow night with my women friends, including our American guests. Three cheers for foot massages!

10. And finally, the frig is stocked with leftovers, no cooking for me tonight! I love leftovers!

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Groovers said...

fun list, three cheers for your sweet enthusiasm :) enjoy everyone from the home club!!! :)