Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christin's Prayer

We've been enjoying a few quieter days around the Wind house this week, a much-needed break after recent weeks of craziness. I've been happy to do a little more home schooling, a little more reading, a little more exercise--some of those basics of life that can get pushed to the back burner when we are just trying to "get by." My girls are enjoying the relaxed pace too--we've all had some refreshing naps this week, followed by lots of reading aloud. If all home schooling consisted of was reading aloud, I'd be a happy mama! Thankfully I can structure our time so that reading aloud is a major component of our days (we read through an entire Beatrix Potter anthology this week-- about 10 stories!) but I do still need to teach math and phonics/English too. We've started reading The Little Princess in our family reading time which the girls are loving. I'm tempted to read ahead! I'm going to try to be self-controlled though!

In the evening after read-aloud time we usually sing a few songs together and have some prayer time, then read a portion of the Bible and work on our memory verses. John always gives the girls an opportunity to pray, and Christin loves to participate. She starts loud and gets louder and louder, praying out in a bold voice! Sometimes (usually) she runs out of things to say and then starts repeating herself over and over and we have to prompt her to say Amen, but it is still really special. Tonight Christin's prayer was so dear, I just have to record it here:

"Dear GOD, Sank you dis day, aMERica, an' KO-Ee (Chloe), an' sing songs, an' sank you Mama, Daddy, Clara, Chloe, an' Chrissy, an' help us bey (obey), an' Chloe's knee med'cine, an' help me sit the potty seat, and GOD, sank you dis day, aMERica, an'. . . (repeated several times until John prompted her) in Jesus' name, Amen.

We opened our eyes, trying not to smile, to see Christin's earnestly pleased expression. I'm not sure what America had to do with anything, but she's been praying about it for numerous days now; it's always the second thing she says after "thank you for this day." It's sweet to see her efforts! Love that girl!

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