Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Update from the Potty Seat

Here's my big girl! Day 3 of potty training is complete, and I am amazed and thankful at how well Christin is doing! It's almost miraculous! I knew we were off to a good start when the very first morning, after practicing pulling down and up her pants several times, Christin sat right down on the potty and peed, without any accidents first! She seemed to know just what to do. By the afternoon of the first day she was already initiating going to the potty herself when she felt the need and had even stopped asking for rewards as well.
She's stayed dry through all her naptimes and one of the two nighttimes, and today, when I tried to put a pull-up on her for her morning nap, she said, "Too tight Mama! All done diapers!" So, I let her stay in the training pants and put down a protective sheet on the bed, but it wasn't needed, sure enough, she stayed dry again. Wowza! Tonight she is also sleeping in her cotton training pants for the first time overnight, we'll see how it goes.

So today she was completely accident free. She even pooped in the potty this morning! She kept her panties dry all day, through both naps, and took herself to the potty without any reminders from me numerous times. (At other specific times I reminded her, just like I do with my other girls.) This is such a totally different experience than with my other two; I'm so thankful! Clara Anne was easy, but not THIS easy, and Chloe was anything but easy. I have a feeling that it's a bit easier for Christin because she's older (27 months as opposed to Clara Anne's 23 mos and Chloe's 22 mos) and because she's seen her sisters take themselves to the potty so many times. And of course it helps when your sister reads "Brown Bear, What do You See?" while you're sitting on the potty! :) Tonight Christin even prayed that God would help her "sit the potty seat." And He will!
But whatever the reason, I'm really thankful and relieved. I thought it might be a huge chore but it appears that we are almost . . . Done. (Dare I say it???!) We'll see how things go as we get more into normal life, take her out and about some, and put her in various situations where it's not as easy to go potty. Hopefully those transitions will come easily as well.
All I can say is, PTL! We have a busy weekend coming up and next week several extra events as well, so I am very grateful to have Christin doing so well. We'll hope that it lasts! I don't know why it wouldn't since we are now "All Done with diapers!"


Anonymous said...


Wow!! What a blessing! How does it feel to possibly be finished with diapers?! We've only had two that were that easy, Savannah and Gresham. Still working on night time dryness with Judson.

Rebecca VE

Gretchen said...

YAY Christin! That picture of sister reading Brown Bear to her is gold. Love it. Glad it went so well. . . should I use past tense yet?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Christin! Now can she have a talk with Deacon? :) He will be two on the 17th but we haven't even tried potty training.