Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Survey

Tonight as we were sitting down for family devotions, John started randomly asking Chloe some questions. I thought they were fun questions and interesting responses, so then we asked all the girls the same questions. Just for fun, here they are!

First up to be "interviewed": Chloe, four and a half years old.

What is your name? Chloe Rachelle

What is your favorite thing to wear? My ballet dress.

Where is your favorite place to go? McDonald's.

What is your favorite story to read? Adventures in Odessey (technically not a reading story, but, anyway...)

Ok, great! Next up: Clara Anne, six years old.

What is your name? Clara Anne Danielle.

What is your favorite thing to wear? The pink skirt and bunny shirt she had on at the moment. Not sure I believe it with all the dresses in her closet!

Where is your favorite place to go? Starbucks! (we were just there this morning, sharing a hot cocoa and playing Memory! I won with 9 matches but Clara Anne came in a close second with 8!!)

What is your favorite story to read? The Hiding Place. (I think this was also influenced by the fact that we've been reading it lately for family read aloud time and talking a lot about it. Some hard themes there, but such an encouraging book!)

And Christin, two and a half years old:
What's your name? I am Christin!

What is your favorite thing to wear? My Christmas dress from Grandma.

Where is your favorite place to go? McDonald's!

What is your favorite story to read? Farmer Boy. (We recently finished that one in family read aloud time. We all enjoyed it!)

At this point as we had finished our questions, Christin sensed she was done getting to speak and turned to me in the sweetest, funny way and said, "Mama, can we talk? Let's talk!" I guess she didn't feel her moment of "holding the floor" was long enough!

After we had finished our devotions and reading aloud, the girls were getting ready for bed and Clara Anne kept going on and on to me about how she is so surprised that she is growing up so fast. "Mommy, only three more years, 7, 8, and 9 and then I'll be 10! I can hardly believe it, it seems like I was just born! I just can't believe I am growing so quickly!" I chuckled a bit but also told her not to hurry up; she's got plenty of time to grow up and I'm not in a rush! She has seemed so mature lately though--she loves to use big words and speak like a little lady, "Mommy, I'm dreadfully hungry, I think I shall perish!" and "It's frightfully cold outside, Mommy! We must make sure to dress properly." She makes me smile, that Clara Anne! Chloe is picking up some of her habits too; just yesterday told me that a snowflake craft we had done would be "glistening" in their room after they hung their snowflakes from the ceiling. She meant "glittering" but I got her meaning. I love to see the girls expanding their vocabulary!

So, there's the thrilling results of our survey this evening. You never know what might come up in conversation at our house. These random conversations are moments I cherish, though, because I see them as opportunities to influence and teach my daughters. Plus, it's just plain fun--truly one of the joys of parenting!

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