Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day with the ones I love

Valentine's Day happily fell on a Monday this year...our family day.  We had planned to go out as a family, perhaps to Starbucks, perhaps to make a trip to the flower market or buy some Dove chocolate (yes we can get Dove here!), but it snowed on Sunday and so we ended up staying in.  We all enjoyed a more leisurely day at home.  Plus, then I had the time to put together (with some help from Lou, of course,) this wonderful Tex-Mex Valentine's dinner.  It was yummy!  Recipes to come soon!

It cannot be denied, however, that the girls were most excited about this cake.  How do you like this "keepin' it real" photo?  Christin's hair looks like she was electrocuted (actually just braided and then she pulled out the braids, leaving behind frizz), Clara Anne has a very strange fake smile and Chloe looks a little fuzzy about it all.  The cake was called "Love Cake"--a recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor.  It had melted white chocolate and extra butter in the white cake mix, and then the frosting was a strawberry buttercream.  Yum-O!
Clara Anne actually took this picture of me with my sweetheart, married 14 plus years now!  This is definitely another keepin' it real photo.  No makeup, no shower that day, not even a smidge of lipstick!  That's when you know you're truly loved. . . John could have cared less.  Or maybe he was just happy about the cake.  :)
A little sister-love to close the evening.  We enjoyed our relaxed, no pressure Valentine's Day celebration.  I enjoyed being with the ones I love!  We ended the evening as we usually do. . .around the piano, worshipping the One who Loved us first and Loved us best.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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sandra said...

I was wondering if strawberries were available in your area. Now I can see that they are! That cake looks delicious and you look beautiful!