Monday, June 13, 2011

Update on my Parents

Many of you have prayed for my parents in recent weeks, especially around the time of my mom's surgery.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  Didn't we see the Lord act in amazing ways?  I wanted to just write a brief update now to let you know what's going on in the past few days and weeks.

My mom continues to recover from the surgery and still so thankful to not be facing chemotherapy or other treatment for cancer.  We are still rejoicing that there was no cancer found in her body!  The incision is healing decently, but Mom has had some trouble with her digestive system.  She is not able to eat normally, her stomach churns and seems to reject the food that she is trying to eat.  It is quite painful for her.  Last week she ended up back in the hospital again for some serious tummy troubles.  One radiologist thought that the results of a CT scan showed a twist in her bowels, and that would have meant another surgery.  We are so thankful, though, that after the local hospital forwarded on the results to Dr. Rojas (her surgeon from a few weeks ago) in Sioux Falls, he did NOT agree and felt that surgery would have been very unwise and risky in her case.  So Mom was preserved from that dangerous situation, and though they still don't know why she is having trouble at least she is not facing another surgery and recovery.  She is home from the hospital now and trying to eat a bit again.  Mom has her 6 week follow-up appointment with Dr. Rojas on Tuesday and I'm sure they will talk through some of these things then.

I had mentioned before that my dad had been having some issues after his heart attack in December; some trouble sleeping, some restlessness and anxiety, and trouble making everyday decisions or focusing on a task.  In recent weeks it was decided that he should no longer work because of some of these symptoms, and so he is now at home.  Apparently these kinds of problems can occur after a heart attack, and recently with Mom's health in such a precarious place it has been especially difficult for Dad.  Of course that makes it tough on Mom, too; she is trying to do what's best for Dad but also trying to regain some health and strength herself.   The plan at this point is to have Dad evaluated by a team of doctors at a Behavioral Health hospital in Sioux Falls the same day that Mom goes back for her appointment, on Tuesday.

If you feel led to pray for my parents, here are some specific requests:
*That both Mom and Dad would cling to the Lord and His precious promises, that His word would encourage them!
*That the doctors would be able to get to the bottom of what is causing Mom's stomach issues and pain so that she would be able to eat normally.
*For wisdom for the doctors who will see Dad on Tuesday, to understand accurately what is going on and know whether hospitalization for him is necessary in order to observe him more closely and help him function more normally again.  For strength for Mom and Dad, no matter what happens.
*For thankfulness and hearts that trust our loving Father, knowing He always acts for our good
*For good rest for both Mom and Dad, that they would sleep well at night, safe in His hands
*For all of us as we eagerly anticipate being reunited in a few weeks!  Sixteen days, to be exact!

It is hard to share some of these personal needs, but I felt prompted to do it because when there are more of us praying together for something, there are also more of us praising Him when we see Him answer!  So thank you for your prayers.  He is honored by our trust in Him and we are thankful for you all and your care for us.

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