Monday, June 27, 2011

Couldn't Have Done It Without Them

 Here's that picture I was talking about...fried noodles never tasted so good!  And sitting down for 10 minutes helped too.  Love these two wonderful women!
Here's the men, putting the final tape on the final piece of furniture--the girls' stairs from their bunk bed.  We used 16 FULL rolls of tape!  Can you believe it?  Crazy!!

Some of our dearest local friends, helping out when there was a true need on our part.  It's the body of Christ in action!  We appreciate them so much!  Thanks to all and to all who were praying.

NEWS FLASH:  We just got word that our crate was just this moment loaded on the ship!  PTL!  We hope to see it again!

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The Culbertsons said...

How neat to see that 6 years later Jason and Jeremy are two of your local friends now. Lifting your family up as you travel and adjust to life in the States.