Sunday, February 26, 2012

Play Dates!

As I was sorting old pictures, I came across these from April 14, 2011 (nearly a whole year ago now, amazing!) and felt like they were too fun NOT to post! 

When we lived overseas, play dates for our kids were a fun and important way for them to spend time with other American friends.  Much of the time they were interacting with nationals, going to kindergarten, spending time out playing in our neighborhood, etc, but occasionally we would try to set aside some time to let them play with other Americans.  These friends became very close, very much like family--in fact these other families were our extended family when we were living there.  It is huge blessing to be with other like minded people, striving for the same goals, and it's even better when their kids are happy to play with your kids!

So, here's a glimpse of a play date that my friend Amy and I and our kids shared last April.  The peach blossoms were in full bloom at a favorite local garden/park area, and we dared to break the rules and sit on the grass to have a little picnic.  We even hauled all the kid's bikes there so that they could ride around and have fun with that.  It was a lovely day!  Just look:

The park has smooth asphalt throughout, perfect for my three beautiful biking babes!
 So good to be with friends!  Christin was being cranky and wouldn't participate in the picture...
 But Clara Anne willingly took this one of my lovely friend and me!
 See what I mean?  Cranky Christin.  She got over it soon, thankfully.  Sometimes we've just had one too many pictures!
 Our friend A could really speed around on his bike--very impressive! 
 The blossoms and blooms were a lovely balm and backdrop to great conversation and fun times together.

Play dates in Asia are always interesting--you may have to be a little creative to come up with fun things to do, but this day turned out wonderfully!  I was amazed that I could get all three bikes in a taxi trunk, the girls had a great time with their friends, and I was able to share some one-on-one time with Amy while the kiddos played.  And yes, given the nature of Asian parks (dusty dirty cement, plus they were climbing trees and fake rocks as well as playing in a sandbox)--it was bath time when we got home!  Worth every minute!


sandra said...

Seeing these pictures makes me smile. I love that you loaded up all 3 bikes for a play date.

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