Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This life we live

Isn't it amazing that God gives us this gift called LIFE?  Spring air is flowing through my wide-open windows, the earth is coming to life again after the winter season, and my heart is full of thoughts of life and gratefulness to my Savior for another day to serve Him.  The fact that I am still alive, that I am preserved from serious illness, car accidents, tornadoes, or other calamaties; that my body is working well and even sheltering another little life...I am struck tonight by the miracle of the life that we have been given.  How much more the gift of spiritual life that Jesus freely gives to all those who will humble themselves and ask!  What a great salvation we possess in Christ!

Last week we were able to see clear evidence of the new life within my womb, and she is a girl!  Though she didn't cooperate during the first part of the exam and held her little legs together very modestly, she finally got jostled around enough that the ultrasound technician was able to get a good look and confirm, "It's a girl!"  Baby girl was doing all manner of cute things during the exam...sucking on her hand, having the cutest little hiccups, and then at the end of the exam we have a perfect profile picture of her lying on her back, hand to her mouth, and legs completely extended over her head--with her knees right at her nose!  The outline of her tiny calf and thigh are just perfect!  We were amazed and joyful to find that all looks well with our little one; she is right on track for measurements and is giving me little fluttery jabs even as I type.  The girls seemed to take it in stride that they have another sister--no cheering or anything, more of an attitude of "well, of course it's a girl!  What else would it be?"  What a miraculous process it is when the Lord knits together a new life.  We are praying for the rest of the pregnancy to go smoothly (I'm 22 weeks on Wednesday) and to be holding our new little daughter in our arms around the end of July.

I've also been contemplating life lately as a good friend from college recently had a daughter born still at 33.5 weeks.  She has been blogging quite a bit about her process, read and pray for her if you feel led.  My heart has gone out to her; though I can only imagine her grief I have been helped already by the way that she is handling it with godly grace.

As I write, my dad is back at the Mayo clinic for another round of tests.  His health has stabilized somewhat in that the weight loss has slowed down and he has seemed a bit more interested in life--rather than just wanting to lie in bed all day, he is getting up a bit more.  However, the bowel and bladder incontinence remains and he has also had frequent seizures which have led to several falls.  Thankfully he has not injured himself seriously by falling but has gotten some bumps, bruises, and gashes on his face from these incidents.  I am praying for the Lord to sustain his life and help us to find more ways to help him.  Or, as Chloe frequently prays, "Lord, thank you that Grandpa will get better."

And, tomorrow is a bittersweet day for our family as we remember again the birthday and passing of my dear older brother Dan.  We may try to watch the video of his life again as a family, and remember what a great work the Lord did in him and through him.  Even though the years pass, you never forget.  The sharp pain is gone but the longing of our hearts to see him again still remains.  Praise the Lord that death has NOT won the victory and that we will worship Jesus with Dan again in heaven.  Thank you, Lord. 

Though we had an unusually mild winter this year, spring has still been a welcome guest.  The dogwood, redbud, and magnolias are in bloom here in Louisville.  The daffodils and tulips are in full array, and the trees are greener day by day.  New life is springing up and the smell of spring is refreshing to my soul.  Wonderful!

Thoughts of life and death are intermingled with the daily and mundane, isn't that always the way it is?  So even as I contemplate and treasure these thoughts in my heart, talking them over with my Savior, I must still finish the dishes and get the floor vacuumed, complete the math lesson and help the girls treat each other with kindness and gentleness.  Lord, may I do it all with your grace!

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Anonymous said...

So much of what you said resonated with me. So much to say but this probably isn't the place..so maybe an email will appear in your inbox, we will see. Anniversaries like Dan's are never easy I'm sure, praying you may again look back and see our Father's loving hand. Isn't "new life" simply amazing in so many contexts?
Rebecca VE