Friday, June 29, 2012

An update on all things baby

It's official!  I'm having a baby!  Just knew that already.  But, the date is drawing closer (July 25 is my due date) and I hope that by the end of the month we will have met our new little one.  Here's some baby news to share as we look forward to that exciting time...

I'm generally feeling fine, but have had lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, often when I'm on my feet.  The weather has been HOT (92 degrees at 9:15 tonight when we were on our way home) and so I am trying to stay cool and hydrated.  Baby girl seems to be head down (has been for weeks) but sometimes spins from side to side.  For the longest time she was lying with her spine along my right side, hiccups on the lower right, kicks and jabs on my left.  But just a few days ago she shifted and is now seemingly on the left side and kicking on my right.  So amazing!

We watched a National Geographic video the other night called "In the Womb" and it was simply astounding.  It just makes me marvel at the Lord and His creative power to see all of the processes that have to happen just perfectly in order for a new person to come about.  It was worship inspiring!

I feel "almost" ready for the baby to come...though I actually have quite the list of things I'd still like to accomplish before she gets here, I know that probably all of them won't happen.  We've been trying to get lots of exercise, especially walking, but in the heat the last few days it hasn't been possible.  Maybe after the weekend it will cool down slightly.  The high tomorrow is supposed to be 106!

Christin asks every day, "Does the baby feel SO heavy, Mama?" and loves to put her ear to my belly to see if she can hear anything.  The girls are fascinated by the movement they can see and feel--it makes everything seem more real!  I am thankful that they have only shown excitement about the new one's arrival.

The doctor says all looks good--we haven't had any "guesstimates" as to her size but I hadn't gained any weight in the last two weeks (though baby seems bigger) so that was encouraging to me.  I hope to not have another almost 10 pounder!  I am so glad to still be sleeping in my own bed and not having to pack up our family; that is a big relief.  The comforts of home are truly comforting when you aren't feeling 100%!  I'm thankful especially for a comfy bed to help get as much rest as possible and A/C to keep things cool!  Though, I'm not above resorting to an ice pack on my feet to keep that swelling down!

So, a few more weeks and we'll be meeting our new little girl!  Her clothes are all ready, my bag for the hospital is partially packed, and her little room is ready and waiting.  I am determined not to get stressed if she doesn't come on time, so we'll just wait and take things a day at a time!  In the meantime, I'll keep on slowly working on my list of things to do and the girls and I are doing some school here and there as well, plus trips to the pool whenever it fits in.  I think the next month will go quickly!

Trusting the Lord for the perfect timing and safe arrival of our new little girl!

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Kevin and Becky said...

I applaud you for having your bag packed before labor sets in. If only I had been that smart! Can't wait to see pictures and learn her name!