Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Chloe is SIX!

We had a wonderful day on June 26 celebrating Chloe's sixth birthday.  It was a hot, sunny day--perfect for summer activities--and very reminiscent of her birth in Thailand six years ago!  The day began with our traditional birthday breakfast, spread out above--Pineapple Blueberry Upside down cake, cheesy scrambled eggs, and sausage.  Yummy!  We pulled out the same decorations we've been using for the last few years--the girls don't seem to mind always seeing the same paper banner and happy birthday confetti; they think it's fun!
Chloe had requested "A cake in the shape of a rainbow" so I started with a funfetti cake mix baked in a 9x13, trimmed it to resemble a rainbow, and then topped it with icing and fruit of the colors of the rainbow!  Strawberries, peaches, pineapple, blueberries, cherries, and blackberries!  (I meant to add kiwi for green but forgot to buy them...and as it turned out the cake had no space anyway!)
We had a few structural difficulties since the fruit, with its moisture, wanted to slip off the edges...but boy did it taste wonderfully!
Happy Birthday sweet Chloe!
Now you are six!
Our funny girl with her funny faces!
The girls had been begging to go to the splash park at the zoo as a special outing, and it seemed like Chloe's birthday was the perfect day for it!  There were lots of kids, but it wasn't totally crowded, and the girls had fun trying out the water.
There's my birthday girl!
Clara Anne can model for the camera too!  She was whooping in delight at the variety of ways the water was splashing her!

However we forgot one crucial element in planning this outing--none of my girls like to have water splashed in their faces!  After some initial delight, the splash park became not as fun as it could have been and we decided to cut our trip short and head to the pool next time.  :)

The day ended with a special birthday dinner and watching a movie as a family at home (we had happened to borrow one from the library called "In the Womb" which seemed appropriate, both for Chloe's birthday and the upcoming baby!).  It was a great day celebrating our sweet Chloe.  
It's hard to believe that this cutie-patootie little blonde baby is now a tall, curly headed six year old, but that is what happens to babies--they grow up!  We are so thankful for Chloe and who she is as a person.  For a long time she really struggled with her emotions--being sensitive, getting moody and sad over small things (like who got the green cup at lunch), and getting upset at her sisters.  But over the last year or two, through prayer and training her, the Lord has really helped her improve!  She is still sensitive, but often turns that sensitivity towards others--i.e., is aware of others' needs and desires and quick to meet them.  Instead of struggling with moodiness or melancholy, she is now my most cheerful, willing, sweet helper.  She has an adorable giggle and a generally sunny spirit which is a joy to be around.  We love you Chloe and are so thankful for your life!  May Jesus keep you close to Him all the days of your life, and may you find great joy in serving Him!


Kevin and Becky said...

i can't believe how grown up she looks, rach! please give her a birthday hug from aunt beck.

Linette said...

I can totally picture John making that funny cake-eating face, too! Hmmm, I wonder where she gets it from...? Happy birthday, Chloe!