Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Misadventures of Doll

Here is a glimpse of a recent event in our home, exactly as it occurred:

Clara Anne is playing with her Doll, who is in her stroller. Clara Anne crosses the room, then says in a serious voice, “Doll, come here.” Doll, of course, does not respond.

Clara Anne says again, “Doll, come here right now.” When again Doll doesn’t respond, Clara Anne climbs up the piano bench to reach the “sad stick” which is stored on top of the piano. She gives Doll two flicks on her bottom and says “No-no, Doll. Naughty. Disobey.”

Doll, instead of looking sorry or sheepish, just continues smiling. Clara Anne then hugs her and says “Be happy, Doll.”

Good job, Clara Anne! But next time don’t give Doll a second chance—she should respond right away! Remember, to delay is to disobey! Too bad for Doll, she truly couldn’t help it. Maybe the training we’re doing with Clara Anne IS sinking in a bit!

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Monty and Germaine said...

Good job Clara Anne! Keep training Doll and it will pay off one day. My sister tries to train me - I don't appreciate it. XOXO Henna

I have enjoyed catching up on your Christmas - Merry Christmas. . .just a bit late. As we were up north over the past few weeks Monty kept saying "where is the Scandinavian hospitality when we need it? How far to the Winds city?" as we had lots of dirty laundry and girls who longed to be out of a hotel and in a home. We felt a bit awkward asking random friends to help out and knew you all would be so willing with a smile to offer your washing machine.

We love you all and wish our move was bringing us closer to you but maybe in another 5 years or so:).

Much love