Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More New Photos!

Hot off the presses! Here are some brand-spankin' new photos of the girls, taken to commemorate Clara Anne's second birthday. I just went to pick them up today!

It was funny, since Asianese couples usually only have one child, they weren't sure what to do with me and my two children for the photo package. In August when I took them both, they said it was fine to take both girls' pictures, separately and together, (altogether 10 photos in the cheapest package) for the same one price. This time they told me no, I should buy two packages, one for each girl. I tried to ask why it was different this time, but they seemed determined not to understand my Asianese. Finally I said, ok, I'll just buy one package then and use it for Clara Anne, since it was her birthday. But when we went upstairs to the photo-taking area, the photographer (who was not in on the previous conversation) immediately said, oh, let's take some of both of them! So here they are--Chloe too. We got some cute shots despite both of the girls getting crabby at various moments. The great part about getting pictures taken here is that they also gave me a CD of the 10 photos I chose, so I can freely share them with you all! Enjoy! Clara Anne on a surfin' safari!

Chloe, our elf-child, straight out of Rivendell

Clara Anne's efforts to make Chloe smile are sweetly rewarded

Hello? Emma? Grandpa? Grandma? Hello!

Jeans are so much better than those sleepers Mama used to make me wear!

Our fun-loving 2 year old girl!

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Anonymous said...

Chloe definitely has your eyes, Rachel, although the rest of her is very John-like. And Clara Anne's eyes are more Wind-like, although she has a general look of you. I always thought Clara's eyes were familiar, but I thought maybe they were still more you, until I saw Chloe's eyes in one of these picture, which don't look like anyone in the Wind family at all. These are my random, inane thoughts. See you soon! My show is not going very well at the moment - but we'll have lots of practice by the time you see it, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Love, Sarah (your sister-in-law - you probably figured that out, but I think I'm publishing this anonymously)