Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Pictures!

To all of you faithfully checking my blog during the post-earthquake days, here's some pictures to reward you, now that our internet is working again. This first one shows you what a good little helper Clara Anne is in the kitchen--I was making banana bread and she mashed the bananas for me! Can you see her cute braids? Her clothes look like they could be out of the Brady Bunch 70's flower children days!

Here's a family photo from a few weeks ago; January 14, 2007. Almost everyone is smiling!

I have mentioned my house helper so many times, I thought I should show you all a picture of her. Here she is, chopping vegetables for our lunch.

Actually, that day I had taught her how to make my mom's famous Broccoli-Cheese soup, and also gave her my recipe for Buttery Breadmaker Rolls. It was a Thursday, and that means "play day" so you can see us all gathered around the table in my very small dining area. We are being a bit silly--many of our Asianese friends like to give the "peace" sign when taking pictures, so we thought we would do it for this one as well. We look a bit goofy! Maybe we were just excited to eat Western food that we didn't have to make. Mimi did a great job following my mom's recipe and resisted her Asianese impulses to approximate ingredients , so it truly tasted just like my mom's. Yum, yum!
And one last picture: story time with Emma and Clara Anne on my lap. They do love to read stories together!
And stay tuned until tomorrow, to find out how Clara Anne really feels about sleeping in a big girl's bed!


Erica W said...

What great photos! Between Clara Anne and Emma, Elizabeth is going to struggle with jealously when she sees the girls and all their hair! :)
So sweet!

Looking forward to getting together!


Josh Culbertson said...

Rachel, I love reading your blog! Your stories are wonderful. Josh took a class with Dr. Stinson last semester and learned many of the principles that you and John are using to discipline Clara Anne and Chloe. I also read Shepherding A Child's Heart recently, and Tripp talks about many of the same things. All that to say, that you give me encouragement that it can be done! And to give you the news...that I am expecting! MUCH sooner than we had planned, but we are very excited. I'm due at the end of August. Sorry for the long comment!