Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Bathtime Conversation

Tonight was bath night, not because I planned it. The girls just had a bath last night, and usually I let it go a day or two before we do the bath rigamarole again. But the truth is, they both LOVE to play in the tub. And when they saw me filling the tub tonight (for myself, to spiff up for John's arrival home tonight after a 3 day stint out of town), Clara Anne started pulling off all her clothes and Chloe pulled up right next to the tub and looked at me hopefully. So everybody got a bath. Afterwards, however, as I was cleaning up the tub, a slight altercation arose in the living room over a small riding toy. Here's the conversation as it happened:

Clara Anne: No! Chloe, that's MINE! AHHH! Mommy, help!

Me: Clara Anne, you may not talk that way to Chloe. You are her big sister and you know how to share. I want you to share that toy with Chloe and let her play on it.

Clara Anne: But it's MINE!

Me: No, Clara Anne, actually it isn't yours. Mr. Chip and Miss Doris very graciously loaned it to us, but it belongs to them.

Clara Anne: It's mine. I bought it.

Me: Really? How could you pay for it, since you don't have any money?

Clara Anne: I do have some money.

Me: Really? How did you get it? Do you have a job?

Clara Anne: Yes, I do.

Me: Well, even the things we buy with our own money are to share with others, Clara Anne.

At this point Clara Anne gave up, and after a few more words from me on the importance of sharing, she acquiesced, though not with very much grace. I never did find out what job she has. Perhaps she is a professional "Scatter toys around the house" person. She has been helping with the dishes lately; maybe she thinks that's her new job. At any rate, we'll keep working on the sharing. I have a feeling Chloe will insist on it!


Kevin & Becky Peek said...

Here are my ideas for Clara Anne's possible professions:
1) Marketer for the anti-tumb suck paint
2) UPS 3rd shift (you see, she doesn't like to go to sleep because she has to head off to work)
3) President of the Dora the Explorer fan club

Well, whatever the job title, she ought to incur some adult responsibilities too, don't you think? Maybe then she'll realize the value of a good night's sleep!

Sandra said...

Obviously her job as Chloe's big sister pays quite well.