Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Pictures!

Well, it's been so long since I posted pictures, you all probably forgot what we look like. So here's a refresher! Below: John and Clara Anne at beautiful Cave Hill Cemetary in late May.
Clara has had lots of fun with some sidewalk chalk outside our apartment door in Louisville!

This one is from our trip to Huber's family farm--John, the "big pig" and Chloe, the "little pig." Chloe's appetite lately has been enormous; she truly fits the description!

At camp: One day we put Clara Anne down for her nap on our bed, and when we went in to get her she was wearing my pajamas! We have no idea why!

Also at camp: New friend Kellie (a counselor) convinced me to try the zipline. AAAaaaahhh! Here we go!

Who needs water to have fun?! Here the girls are playing in the common area of the lodge with their fun floaty ring. Clara Anne has loved all of our opportunities to swim recently! She has had a great time in the water and can hardly be convinced to come out.

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jc said...

where are pictures of MRS. wind?