Sunday, October 21, 2007

And now, some pictures!

Though our camera has been neglected lately, I do have a few recent snapshots to share with you. This first one is Clara Anne and Chloe, cozily cuddling up together in a wicker chair. Notice the comfort items present--Clara Anne's blanket, Chloe's special bear and the ever-present paci on a string!

Here they're playing together happily. Chloe's hair is finally growing somewhat!

We had a little trip to the "park" yesterday, for Family Day. The weather was lovely (see the previous post) and the girls were so excited to see the swings. Clara Anne, however, is swinging on a bar which I believe is supposed to be used for hanging on with your hands and swinging, rather than sitting on top and swinging. But it was fun anyway!
Fun times with Daddy!

Happy Clara Anne!


Groovers said...

What beautiful girlies! :)

Sandra said...

Great photos! I love the one of Clara Ann with her blanket & Chloe with her bear. Our little guy is starting to attach to his giraffe, but I think we're kind of "encouraging" it on him since we don't allow other toys in the crib. It's just the most portable!