Monday, October 08, 2007

Late-Breaking News!

Hi everyone--a quick word before my bedtime arrives--I have a new house helper!

Through an amazing series of events, my previous helper Mimi found this new woman who was very interested in being my helper. She is 28 and single, and had been working for a family but the family just had a new baby; now that the grandparents have moved in she is not needed anymore. She came to meet us this morning and seemed very sincere and eager to work for us. Actually she shared with me that she was previously engaged to be married, but things did not work out with the guy, and so now she wants to start a new life. She is even willing to change apartments so she can live nearer to us. My first impressions of her were good, so I am really hoping that things will work out with her.

She starts tomorrow! Wow, that was quick!

She will be at our house full time, making lunch every day, doing the cleaning and laundry, and spending some time playing with Clara Anne and Chloe to help them learn the local language more easily. As you can imagine, this is going to be a HUGE help to me. But the next week or two could be more challenging as I train her in our "strange" western ways . . . i.e. we always use hot water when washing the dishes, we dry the dishes or let them air dry before putting them away, we put the girls down for naps awake, rather than rocking them to sleep, in general we don't let the kids rule the household, etc. So hopefully everything will go well and she will soon become acclimated to us and we to her. Because of the amount of time that she will be in our home, we will be able to have a great influence on her as well as she will on us. We're hoping that it will all be positive! PTL with me for this answered prayer!


jodiane.ware said...

Rachel, I'm thrilled with this answer to prayer. How kind of God to provide someone so quickly. We will continue to pray He will be working to open her eyes to the GLORY of Christ.

Love to you all,


Pastor Ethan said...

Praise the Lord!
It is wonderful and encouraging to hear how the Lord continues to bless you in your mission. We'll pray that the Lord keep your lives 'gracious and salty' as you live for Him in front of her.(Col 4:5-6)

greet your family for us!

grace and peace from the Wisconsin Johnsons

Gretchen said...

Rachel -- I have really prayed about this for you! It will be so awesome if it works out! YAY!!

Sandra said...

I hope that Mimi can help ease the way. If she can see that Mimi is happy and enjoying the work - even though it's different, then she will hopefully hang in there. The cleaning might not be the biggest difference - the way you treat her might just shock her. Love can be so overwhelming.