Friday, October 26, 2007

Trivia for the Day

I came across this interesting fact recently: according to the 1988 Guiness Book of World Records, the woman who at that time held the world record for producing the most surviving children was a Russian peasant woman. The question for you: how many children did she produce? Leave a comment with your guess.

Hint #1: She had some multiple births.

Hint #2: She bore children over a 40 year period (that is almost unbelievable to me!).

Take a guess! Answer tomorrow! And no fair looking it up online!


Sandra said...

Wish I could use a life line!
29. Final answer.

Anna (Phillips) Gibson said...

My guess is 32.

erica w said...

I guess 25 - and that makes my whole body ache just thinking about it!

what do we win? :)

Angela & Matthew said...

I'm not sure. . . but didn't she live in a SHOE way up there in mother russia??

Gretchen said...

I have to at least place a guess:


Chris said...

I know the Duggar Family has 17 children (and they are a family that has been on TV, and they fearlessly talk about the gospel). You can see them at the Duggar Family Website. I hope that link works in a blog comment.

So if Mrs. Duggar had 17 children in 23 years, I'll guess that perhaps another 10, so perhaps 27?

Josh Culbertson said...

My guess is 35.